Fishing today


Long day. Damn open caster. But now after 4 hrs I got it. I was really
ready to throw poll in lake.


Ronnie James dio


Well with my first music post I thought it better be good. Just a few words about how I got this.  This was a dream to meet him verry nice could not asked for more. I was driveing 1987 ferio to the show leaving I hear some one say. Going to bus to meet him? My head was spining!  WTF no way ran straight to the bus like a school girl going to see there favorite boy band all but high sqweel.  But don’t let me fool you that’s how I felt but could not believe it was happening. Waited got the pic on left sighed. Asked him can you do me a faver?  Can you sigh the inside of my car? I’ll wait till the end. Last one! He said that’s fine. And I did. He told me you are the (last in line) I was in a daze gave him a huge hug. Still have the car parts but not the car.