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Tony Iommi, book ozzfest 1997
Posted on September 16, 2012

I want more,more was really excited to here what happened on Columbus Ohio ozzfest 1997
It was very insightful to hear geezer,iommi,ward was back stage right be for the riot broke out. It was a day in my life that will stand out like a sour thumb. I never experience any thing like it. Too see police lined up with riot gear on. And YES they looked SCARED as hell. I for some reason can remember looking at them thinking God Damn this all can turn out very bad! Scared cop make a bad call or move it would be on. Fans that were there yes were being dicks. One comes to mind was a guy carrying a piece of the fiance out. Cop told him to drop it (behind) a riot shield. The guy acted like he was going to swing on the cop. Then he said nah and then threw the Bord. You see what I mean that could have been bad for cops and us. The cops were way out numbered. Yes they had riot gear but seeing the sea of close to 50,000 people pouring out of Polaris it must have been intimidating for the cops. Yes cars where flipped over even a cop car the lights in the parking lot were out thank to the unruly crowd. Helicopter over the amphitheater demanding we leave now or they would tear gas. It was a wild night yes I thought I have done wild things in my past or been there when wild things had happened. But nothing like that. I guess Ozzy voice went out. And wasn’t there hell 8hrs in the heat music all around us can’t say I blame the crowed. Course the amphitheater could have handled it a lot different. And YES us as the crowed could handle it different. I didn’t really do anything,didn’t get piece of the fience or anything. But I don’t remember who was playing but (sod) was flying. I was like WOW wtf why are thy ripping up the grass and throwing it. So much was in the air it looked like 4th of July. I got hit in the back and balled it up and thew it again. Next thing I know guy (drunk) come across 5 to 6 rows of seats from behind us. Idk what’s going on except I was laughing dirt on his face. Some one with him was like you could say you are sorry. Well I did she had a good point. I really did’nt mean to nail him in the face. It was not good enough for him. He wanted a piece of me. I straight told him there is no way in hell I will do anything till after the show. (Black Sabbath) it was a dream come true. Original line up. Just like year’s later (heaven and hell) of courses the riot and he was gone. Probably the lady that was with him. Out of here before it gets ugly. Few weeks latter they came back. Went again Polaris looked new like nothing had happened. Course the hole time the guy behind me was saying (ASSHOLE IN CAMEL SHIRT AFTER SHOW YOU ASS IS MINE). finally I just said I’ve said it be for I’ll say it again. After show It’s on. When my dream show was over I turned around ready to beet his ass. Show was over threw me out I don’t care now. He was gone. I don’t know if he was scared, or his woman looking out for him. I don’t know. I know he will never read this but if you do. I am really sorry ! And yes I was looking for you after show. I let it all slide. For a dream. And I’m sure you didn’t want to miss (Black Sabbath) I know I didn’t.

Siting here today in a police state. I for one brief moment can look back and see the true power of the masses. And I think hell drones in today world would just been one side hurt or killed. Not at all big fan of police. Yes I know we do need them but they are to (serve and PROTECT) and that one brief moment. I think that they DID JUST THAT. For what they had to deal with that night I tip my hat to you. You really did PROTECT us. Thank you.


Johnnie Adkins

Friday, August 18, 2000, at 11:45 p.m was a sad day. Was the day i lost the inspiration of what i am. Age was 34. And i was 24. he is the person that i patterned my life after. he will be missed deeply.

Today he would have been 47 today.

Every time I hear this song make me think of him

And i feel I have lost who I am. Happy birthday (Johnnie Adkins)