Just a bold statement

I am so excited one of my dearest friends is coming back to ohio. He’s coming to visit friends. Cant wait to see him again lol. Haven’t seen in years. But knew him since 4th grade. Was his best man. He was mine . Was there 4 birth of his kids. Miss u ricky


World’s GREATEST xmas gift ever 2016 

My god I don’t know how 2 explain this one. Right one on so may levels.and wow my wife hit this one on the head.

I’ve seen them 5 to 6 times with the greatest uncle in the world R.I.P miss him so much.    I’ve been dieing to go see him again for 3 years want to make that show just a night of in memory of him. And do things I’ve not done in may years.  Just in his memory  wow I don’t know how to explain the emotions already just thinking of the show and really excited 

Greatest xmas gift EVER

Now we r talking lol love my wife I’ve been wanting to go see tom petty and the heartbreakers 4 years AGAIN. Last 3 or 4 years I’ve been dieing to too see them again. Probably seen them 5 or 6 times with the greatest uncle in the world R.I.P JCA.   Just want to see him again in memory of JCA.      Would payed more lol I think that’s y she bought them and not let me lol.    Will be a MAGICAL night 4 sure